Easily traversing multiple disciplines, covering sound • visuals • motion • words • interactivity • performance • learning and any other elemental dimensions to which he is drawn, Olev is a hands-on creative producer, artist and educator advocating for innovation, excellence and fun.

Being highly sensitive and responsive to a diversity of individuals, organisations and communities and their needs, and having the skills and experience to take on a breathtaking variety of creative, technical and business challenges, Olev's success as a facilitator for understanding, conceptualising and producing great explorations in the arts and design is legendary :)

HI, WELCOME to my portfolio site. Check out some of the fun initiatives and projects I've been involved in recently. If you wish to comment or have an idea for project possibilities, email me: olev-(at)-olev.com.au


JUNE 2021

>>> Interview in London-based independent international music magazine THE WIRE

"The Wire celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronic music, hiphop, new jazz, improvised music, modern composition, traditional musics and more. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre."

>>> Issue 449 / July 2021

>>> interview by JOSHUA MINSOO KIM / photo by HENRY BUTTERWORTH

The Estonian-Australian folk synthesist featured in The Wire 449 presents an audiovisual work based on Estonian song and round dance

JUNE 2021

>>> New website

Working on an emerging new website showcasing more of my art ... check it out ...

olev muska > composer | artist

new website

MARCH 2021

>>> Archival release on Belgian label STROOM

Slated for May 16 2021 release, CREAK-WHOOSH (ESTONIAN, INGRIAN AND VOTIAN SONG RE-IMAGINED IN AUSTRALIA BY OLEV MUSKA AND MIHKEL TARTU) BY KIRI-UU is a compilation of selected tracks from the debut Kiri-uu LP of 1988 and 'Tšimmairuudiralla' from Olev Muska's debut LP of 1985 'Old Estonian Waltzes'.

This re-release is the brainchild of Ziggy Devriendt, AKA Nosedrip, the DJ and visionary behind STROOM - an innovative record label, audiovisual radio station, amorphous brand and more. Hailing from Ostend, the Belgian entrepreneur specialises in overlooked music from the 1980's and '90's.

Go to the Kiri-uu site for more ...

Creak-whoosh cover


Olev Muska · Love song for Vocaloid
Olev Muska · Kimmo a-go-go
Olev Muska · Izhorian folk song 'My mouth sang, my heart sank'


>>> Windy lake

"Over bridge of sighs, to rest my eyes in shades of green - it's all too beautiful!"

November 2020

>>> Public art for a private residence

Work in progress as Particles designs various artworks for a magically transformed station master's cottage that will soon become a modern multi-generational family residence.

Lysaght Park

Lysaght Park

Lysaght Park

JULY 2020

>>> Reconnected: a recovery story

With unprecedented conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, local artists were invited to reflect on recovery and a positive way forward, and to share that vision with the Lake Macquarie community.

Lysaght Park

Here's s a selection of artist interviews that I filmed and edited:


MARCH 2020

>>> Sydney Estonian Australian youth films from the '70's find a new home at the Estonian Film Archives


Born into their own unique little socio-cultural context, between the years 1974 to 1990 a small group of young second generation Sydney Estonian Australians of the Cold War era engaged in what could best be described as a creative rite of passage, 'going walkabout' with their cultural heritage.

This magical concord of hearts, minds and energy resulted in a rich diversity of exploration and outcomes, often irreverent, that encompassed events, performance, film-making, publishing, music and more.

What started out locally as merely mucking about progressed, through many creative iterations, into an ultimate distillation as a sophisticated vocal / electronic package that went by the name of Kiri-uu. When Kiri-uu successfully debut concert-toured Soviet Estonia in 1989, the cultural walkabout was complete. 32 years on, the rare 1988 debut LP has become a sought after recording internationally.


As part of Estonian Maarja Merivoo-Parro's diaspora project, I recently had the good fortune to despatch 11 reels of our Sydney group's super-8 films - shot from 1974 to 1980 - to Estonia for digitisation and housing at the Estonian Film Archives (part of the Estonian National Archives) in Tallinn. Research and digitisation for the project were supported by the Compatriots Program of the Republic of Estonia's Ministry of Education and Research.

Proudly amateur, the films range from home-movie-style documentation and experimental takes through to fully-fledged slapstick productions. Already, half of them have been transferred, including - incredibly - stock that was in a seriously poor state. This opportunity has been a huge boon in preserving an example that can be shared of cultural propagation in the diaspora, helping to provide insight into a unique youthful creative response to the dislodgement of a minority culture that found itself newly arrived and completely foreign, transplanted into Australia's colonial and fledgeling multicultural landscape.

Download the accompanying notes sent with the films

>>> Maarja's minidoc and opinion piece for ERR Raadio2 TV, following her trip down under


" 'Fascinating and controversial Australian Estonian musician Olev Muska is our person in focus in ERR Raadio 2 TV's March edition. Since the man himself is out of the ordinary, be warned that the show is not a traditional TV doco, but rather an impressionistic journey full of hitherto unseen rare archive footage of the goings on of emigre-Estonians abroad', said Maarja Merivoo-Parro in her cultural commentary 'Maarja Varia'.

" 'In Muska's case, there'd be enough content for a whole show or, actually, an entire movie, or quite simply several, because we're undoubtedly dealing with one of the most interesting bearers of Estonian culture in the expat Estonian realm.' "

Go to minidoc ...


Olev Muska, or the man who put a bomb under (iconic Estonian folk song) 'Tuljak'

" Olev Muska can be considered the father of Estonian electronic ethno-music or ethnotronica. That he was born and raised in Australia - and is still active there - he can also be referred to as the father of (emigre-) estotronica. Maarja Merivoo-Parro went to Australia in search of unreleased expatriate music and met with Olev, who lives near Sydney, and shared in his home archive. "

Go to radio ...


>>> Haven't painted for 30 years, thought it high time to dust off the brushes!

Angela Pasqua, the picture of calm amidst a sea of tangles


>>> Exploring cultural identity away from home

Having previously always caught up with her in Estonia, what a joy it was to finally welcome historian and radio and TV personality  Maarja Merivoo-Parro and husband Priit on their first trip to Australia!

Forming part of her major research work into the Estonian diaspora, as well as interviewing me on my home turf for a mini doc - to be broadcast in Feb - their fact-finding mission in Australia also took them on adventures to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne ... and beyond. Good luck with the project, guys!



>>> 3 Audio-visual mixes based on traditional Estonian folk music, from the May 2019 performances in Estonia and Latvia

MAY 2019

>>> Latvian diversion


Having heard that I was coming to perform in Estonia, the indefatigable and irrepressible Didzis Staris organised a great little impromptu / ‘Frotee extension’ tour of Latvia, with an intensive itinerary for Cēsis (Võnnu) and Riga. Thanks to Ahto Külvet for the contact!



Erica Synths is a Latvian-based company specialising in producing Eurorack modular synthesiser modules. I caught up with the company’s director and visionary, Ģirts Ozoliņš, for a guided tour of his factory and magical machines. Things have come a long way since my days with modular synthesis in the 80s! Erica Synths website



Bands’, concerts’ and cooperative events’ agency, Riga Room, organised its first ever modular jazz session. Hosted by Mañana - with the best nachos and tacos all night long - the gig featured Latvian jazz flautist and saxophonist, producer, ad-libber, composer, educator and newly converted synthesist Deniss Pashkevich aka TENKA, together with modular buffs Didzis Staris and Josh Arnold and yours truly on video improv.

Surely there was enough cable to extend around Riga several times!

Roll over a thumbnail


During the course of 2 hours, music students were given an insight into issues, considerations and some of the tools I use for the production of multimedia composition and performance.

Software covered included: Ableton Live U&I Software MetaSynth Steinberg Cubase iZotope Ozone Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere Adobe Animate Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Resolume Avenue


One of Riga's groovy little bohemian joints, the Kaņepes was host to my set of Estonian folktronica. My projections shared the walls with Swedish artists Petra Bauer and Rebecka Katz-Thor’s ‘And All is Yet to be Done: The Grammar of Feminist Organising, 2018’, a new commission for the 1st Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art.


MAY 2019

>>> World New Music Days Festival in Estonia

project promo


Festival opening at the intersection of Hobujaama Street and Narva Highway by Timo Steiner, Sander Mölder and Teet Kask, featuring the dance group Kompanii and guitarist Jonas Kaarnamets.



>>> In a joint presentation between the Estonian Music Days / Estonian Composers’ Union and the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) and entitled ‘Through the Forest of Songs’, the festival hosted around 30 performances and events with compositions from nearly 50 countries. This 10-day gathering was a contemporary classical and new music event with the largest international reach ever held in Estonia.

With hundreds of professional musicians and music being performed by groups of different sizes and kinds, soloists playing a variety of instruments and sounds originating from a range of acoustical and electronic sources, the festival delivered on the promise to present the freshest and most exciting new music in 2019.

In response to a call out last year by the festival organisers, I composed and submitted an audio-visual work, ‘Woodland Whispers’. From a field of over 500 internationally, the work was one of 99 pieces chosen for performance / presentation at the festival and one of six from Australia.

As well, to coincide with the festival, record label Frotee organised a live presentation of my recently released LP ‘Laulik-elektroonik: Explorations in Estonian Electronic Folk Music - the First Years, 1979 – 1983’ where I performed with a short audio-visual set of some of my Estonian folktronica remixes.

Afterwards, I did a spot of video jamming with Ukrainian DJ Dmytro Nikolaienko (Muscut, Shukai).

The gig was held at the Põhjala Factory. Located on the outskirts of Tallinn, this former rubber products factory is being converted into a contemporary cultural centre.

As a concluding gesture, the festival organisers, instead of giving the traditional flower bouquets, opted to plant a tree for each composer and performer that took part in the event. 200 new trees were planted in an Estonian state forest. Check out the pix ...

In 2020 the festival will take place in New Zealand. <<<


>>> With radio friends:
Ats Luik | IDA Raadio | Telliskivi Creative City Tallinn | Listen...
Ivo Heinloo | Klassikaraadio | ERR | Listen...
Maarja Merivoo-Parro | Raadio2 | ERR

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>>> Olev Muska segab Eesti rahvamuusikat technoga: mulle pakub see palju lõbu. View the video interview ...


>>> Bump in for the performance, with the intrepid researchers and curators of undiscovered Estonian music Martin Jõela and Erki Pruul of the brilliant Frotee label - ‘records you didn’t know existed’.

>>> Live at the factory:

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>>> Catching up with innovative Estonian singer, violinist and looper extraordinaire Maarja Nuut

>>> Impromptu VJ set with Ukrainian DJ Dmytro Nikolaienko ( Muscut, Shukai )



>>> Estonian label FROTEE issues rare and/or previously unreleased folktronica: OLEV MUSKA | LAULIK ELEKTROONIK | Explorations In Estonian Electronic Folk Music - The First Years 1979-1983

>>> Bonkers, plugged-in Estonian folk and electronics from the 1980s, courtesy of Olev Muska, a recent star of Left Ear Records’ ‘Antipodean Anomalies’ compilation.

Working a stylistic niche perhaps comparable to recently surfaced reissues of NSRD’s art-pop and the synth fantasias of László Hortobágyi, the sound of Olev Muska - the son of Estonian refugees from WWII - was inspired by a need to articulate traditional Estonian music with a new, modern accent whilst preserving the culture his parents and the network of Estonian expatriates had brought to Australia.

Drawing on his studies at Sydney’s National Art School, as well as a love of psychedelia and the possibilities afforded by cheaper, newly availed synths and vocoders that complemented the stripped down, ‘runic’ nature of Estonian music, Muska reframed traditional Estonian folk songs in an unprecedented way, with results that range from novelty to freakish experimentation, often in the same track.

To our ears it sometimes sounds like cyber ceilidh music, and at others like teenage witterings after smoking banana peel, but for all the daftness Muska’s music can be commended on the strength of its innovation and wide-eyed innocence, and particularly for its dancefloor-ready aces such as ‘Eidekene Ketrab’ from his Elektrio band, and the nippy wedding music update of ‘Tantsi! Tantsi!’. <<<

BOOMKAT Manchester

Available from:
Bikini Waxx Records, Berlin / HV, Berlin / Redeye, UK / Norman Records, Leeds / Juno Records, London / Phonica Records, London / Sounds of the Universe, London / Boomkat, Manchester / Piccadilly Records, Manchester / Serendeepity, Milano / Rush Hour, Amsterdam / Clear Spot, Netherlands / Shiny Beast, Netherlands / Biit Me, Tallinn / Commend, New York / . . .


>>> Record company Frotee releases unreleased pop music from recent Estonian history. For its tenth release, it has expanded its scope to offer insights into quality music by their diaspora. Explorations in Estonian Electronic Folk Music - The First Years, 1979-1983 brings together Australian expatriate Olev Muska's previously unreleased Estonian-themed songs, recorded prior to his debut album from 1985. Muska had been a well kept secret amongst Estonian music fans, but relatively unknown to Australian record collectors - until Melbourne's Left Ear Records introduced the aforementioned debut album Old Estonian Waltzes to a wider audience. Presented across these 14 tracks are some fascinating sonic snapshots from the early days of his career spanning proto electro, synthpop, experimental synth music and even cosmic rock. <<<


Visit the FROTEE site ...


>>> Spinning some guest selections at Melbourne's PBS 106.7FM

Following the launch of Antipodean Anomalies and in anticipation of Estonian label Frotee's release of my early Estonian folktronica, I popped down to PBS for a quick cheerio on the Breakfast Spread and then an in-depth journey with Lloyd Briggs on Deeep Space through some of my musical influences. Great job of championing Melbourne’s diverse music community, guys!

Listen to the session ...

With the Breakfast Spread's Bridget Small and Milo Eastwood, and Deeep Space's Lloyd Briggs


>>> ANTIPODEAN ANOMALIES 12" LP compilation of independent music from the 70's and 80's released

Left Ear Records Chris Bonato and fellow compiler, Umut Turkeri, have pulled together recordings made in the margins of the already isolated Antipodes. AA explores the music of 9 anomalous AUS/NZ artists during the 70’s and 80’s.

Included on this compilation is Karjapoisi Lugu (A Shepherd's Tale) from my debut 1985 album Old Estonian Waltzes, featuring Ingrid Slamer on vocals.

>>> For musicians inhabiting the Antipodean countries of Australia and New Zealand during the 70’s and 80’s, it was a geographically and culturally isolating environment. Boutique shops, community radio and mail order exchanges championed independent and contemporary music from across the globe. It was, however, this isolation that caused a number of small community-focused scenes to evolve, creating their own unique interpretation and reappropriation of outside influences. Through both these scenes and government initiatives, a vast amount of music emerged on self-released and independent labels.

Yet, even among small scenes that were creating unique sounds, a number of artists seemed to be making music that was neither here nor there, often meshing together numerous genres and influences to create anomalous sounds. <<<



>>> With all the Australian labels mining every ‘lost’ new wave, post-punk and indie gems onto vinyl you wouldn’t think there’d be anomalies left. But refreshingly this doesn’t take the hallowed M-squared discography as its foundation like so much of the Oz wave reissue caravan, instead tackling more outwardly focused artists’ whose international and indigenous DIY influences had been always swirling around Australia and New Zealand during the 70s and 80s but somehow never got the oxygen. <<<



At the Melbourne launch with artistes and compilers / September 1 / Hub 301 Records / L-R Robert Greaves (Rainbow Generator), Umut Turkeri (Left Ear), Richard Sallows (Toy Division), Chris Bonato (Left Ear) and yours truly


>>> Website update for pARTicles - Artisans of Public Art "Both separately and in unison, award-winning Sydney-based community cultural development alchemists Olev Muska and Angela Pasqua have assembled a unified theory and practice from a vast range of skills and experience."

> > > Every picture tells a story
A combo of artefacts and articles
We turn stories into public art
We are pARTicles > > >

Check out a selection of recent Public Art projects on our newly re-vamped website...

PROJECT TITLE: Angel Bridge : Iron Cove Creek LOCATION: Timbrell Drive and City West Link intersection at Dobroyd Point, Five Dock / Sydney / Australia

APRIL 2017

>>> Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre at Lidcombe redevelopment complete and reopened to public, replete with public art

Combining the illustrious historical narrative of the facility - from pre-colonial times through to the present day - with the spirit of original architect Mr Frank R Hines' playful vision, a detailed 'fluid history wall' printed onto glass panels forms the partition in the foyer of the Centre. The panels are arranged in a concertina configuration, echoing the original 'folded plate' concrete roof motif. Distilling historical research and comments from the community, a rich tapestry of activities and milestones are represented in a chronological order in the glass mural.

Further aquatic themes are featured in artwork baked onto tiles in the amenities blocks. Outside, the original lighting tower is wrapped with imagery depicting the old diving tower that once was a major feature of the original Auburn Swimming Centre but has since been demolished. MORE...

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>>> FAREWELL, DEAR VELJO! On January 21, 2017, the giant of 20th century Estonian folk music, composer VELJO TORMIS passed away at 86 years of age.

In Sydney in 1986, Anni Meister and I formed a small choir to explore modern Estonian folk song, particularly through the work of the neoclassically-influenced Tormis. We named ourselves ‘Kiri-uu’ after a word from a folk song arrangement of his, unbeknown that this word had much greater meaning than we could have imagined.

His profound cultural intuition through music prevails as a beacon that shines far beyond his own lifetime and continues to inspire Kiri-uu and countless others. MORE...

Been so busy lately - here's what's been going down in the last 6 months ...

Cheers, Olev

Vabariigi aastapäeval
24 February 2016

Mural on glass design for the redevelopment of the iconically modernist Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre at Lidcombe.
MORE ...


Information design for Cabarita Park shelter depicting the park's illustrious waterside history.
MORE ...

Cabarita panels

Publication design and tech illustration: everything you need to know about Mobile Wheel Alignment for Heavy Vehicles.
MORE ...

Truck Align

Promoting a local sense of community with 16 short film oral histories of people living in the riverside suburb of Chiswick.
MORE ...

Celebrating renowned Estonian composers' birthdays with live performances and media appearances.
MORE ...


In memory of the fallen diggers from Rhodes, display wrap design, to adorn Sydney Water infrastructure kiosk.
MORE ...


Interior mural design of the community, for the community, at Berala's new Community Centre.
MORE ...


JUNE 2015
Tracks from my back catalogue appear on new Estonian music anthology 'Esto-Muusika' triple CD release.
MORE ...

Esto-Muusika CD spines

MAY 2015
Thoroughfare mural design at Lewis Avenue stairway, Rhodes, is finally up.
MORE ...

Lewis Avenue mural

APRIL 2015
Lecture and live performances at the inaugural Electronic Folk Music Festival in Viljandi, Estonia.
MORE ...

Olev at Viljandi

HERE ...


>>> Glass wall divider public art for the Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre foyer at Lidcombe. Based on historic research and archive material, preparations are currently under way with artist Angela Pasqua in preparing a creative response to the unique iconograpic modernist swimming centre built in 1959 that's presently being redeveloped for Auburn Council.

Auburn Pool Glass mural plan


>>> HISTORY IN THE SHADE. The City of Canada Bay Council is upgrading the brick picnic shelter at Cabarita Park, overlooking Hen and Chicken Bay off Parramatta River. In consultation with the Friends of Cabarita Park and Wharf and together with Angela Pasqua, we're creating a public artwork depicting the marvellous history of the area and revealing many forgotten facts about this unsuspecting little hideaway.

"Three of the inlets in Hen and Chicken Bay, including Canada Bay, were named after 58 French-Canadian prisoners who had been deported to Australia, after their part in the 1837-1838 uprising against the British administration that challenged British colonial sovereignty in the Canadian province of Quebec. The deportees were held at Longbottom Stockade in Concord and later pardoned. In 1970, to mark the 130th Anniversary of their landing, a monument to them - originally erected in Cabarita Park - was unveiled by the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau."

"Measures taken as a result of the uprisings in Lower and Upper Canada represented significant steps in the evolution of responsible government and parliamentary democracy in Canada and Australia."

And there are plenty more fascinating secrets where that came from. Come by when it launches later this year!

Cabarita Shelter

Cabarita history


>>> MOBILE WHEEL ALIGNMENT FOR HEAVY VEHICLES booklet. The unstoppable septuagenarian, Bruce J. Reilly - armed with a wealth of knowledge gained through years of closeness to the workshop floor and holder of 23 patents for a range of laser wheel alignment equipment for trucks, buses, trailers, cars and 4WDs - is publishing an encyclopaedic tome of specialist yet common-sense insights that will help owners and maintainers of heavy vehicles to increase tyre life, save on fuel, improve vehicle safety and, thereby, look after the environment.

I'm pleased to have been providing the design, copy refinement and artwork, along with instructional video, website and other promotional pieces to advertise his laser alignment equipment and help see his technical vision through.

Truck Align

Bruce is also a highly respected marine engineer and is often invited to observe as visiting engineer on major American ships, occasions for which I have designed various maritime-themed collateral manifest as calling cards.



>>> CHISWICK: CHANGES AND CONNECTIONS multimedia history project: community stories

Chiswick Changes and Connections logo
project promo

For the City of Canada Bay and in collaboration with artist Angela Pasqua, conducted a multimedia project with the aim of promoting a local sense of community in the riverside suburb of Chiswick.

Together with a couple of photography workshops and a photo comp along local themes culminating in an exhibition, we gathered oral histories and impressions of living in Chiswick from both old and new residents.

A selection of the 16 resulting short films were screened on a balmy late spring evening outdoors at Lysaght Park. Watch them on YouTube.

Lysaght Park

Chiswick Films Tom Gilbert Wendy and Olga Barrie Ian Keller Katherine, Maxwell and Warwick Allsopp Arnold and Ashleigh Ian and Paula Tulley Domenica Margiotta Ross McGuigan Tina, Anthony and Antonio Scott Burnicle Elizabeth Starr Anita and Pratap Katarya Mirella Guaraldi Anne and Nan Tulley Pauline Tyrrell

LEGENDS OF CHISWICK : Tom • Wendy and Olga • Barrie • Ian • Katherine, Maxwell and Warwick • Arnold and Ashleigh • Ian and Paula • Domenica • Ross • Tina, Anthony and Antonio • Scott • Elizabeth • Anita and Pratap • Mirella • Anne and Nan • Pauline

Inside their treasure trove of a house, enjoying the hospitality and generosity of daughter Anne and her irrepressible 97-year old mum Annie (Nan) Tulley recounting enchanting stories of days gone by.


>>> Commemorating Estonian composers

Renowned Estonian composers Arvo Pärt and Veljo Tormis are celebrating their 80th and 85th birthdays respectively this year. Hence, 2015 has been declared a national Year of Music.

As part of the celebrations, I was invited by Estonia's international jazz festival organiser Jazzkaar to perform at their Autumn season's opening concert at the national art museum Kumu, with my vocal / electro / visual interpretations of Ingrian-Finnish folk song, themselves based on Veljo Tormis' song cycle Ingrian Evenings - part of a larger group of songs of 'Forgotten Peoples' that also includes runic verse from Livonian, Votic, Izhorian, Vepsian and Karelian folk traditions.

While there - and thanks to pop star Vaiko Eplik's hospitality - a couple of impromptu gigs and various media appearances packed out the itinerary.

Veljo and Olev

Yours truly enjoying Veljo's backyard, by the Gulf of Finland, 1992

Muska Eplik Heinloo

Touching base with Vaiko / Promo with Ivo Heinloo at Klassikaraadio



Kumu promo

Roll over a thumbnail

Olev close-up

> > > In a black suit, Muska proceeds from the front row of the hall to the stage, opens two laptops and pulls on earphones and a headset mic. The hall is totally blacked out and what follows is a truly pyrotechnic audio-visual display, surreal-psychedelic avant-garde disco that exceeds all public expectation. < < <

Mart Niineste
Music Editor, Eesti Päevaleht
7 September 2015

Olev at KUMUPäevaleht


Jazz meets desktop accapella. On the same bill with musical luminaries Kadri Voorand, Liisi Koikson and guitarists Jaak Sooäär and Paul Daniel - two contrasting readings of Tormis' Ingrian-Finnish sound-wordplay >>> liile ja lailee, allalee ja lailee; tulla alla laarilaa ja alla laarilaane; aalintulla illalei tuliali lailaa; tinna taana; sulavala ralla ja vei vei vei; aalintulla illiralla tuliali lailaa; siliali, saliali, soliali lei <<<

liielee ja lailee



Olev Terevisioon live

Interviewed by Urmas Vaino and live to air - Röntyskälaulu - on Terevisioon



With Jon Mikiver and Maarja Merivoo-Parro at ERR Raadio 2, on the breakfast show 'Hommik!', promo-ing the recently released triple CD anthology of expat recordings, Esto-Muusika, and gifting the 2005 self-published collectible, Sõrve: 50 Fabulous Years of Sydney Estonian Summer Camps.




Postering with Vaiko and live at the GenKlubi, Tartu

Vaiko Eplik and Eliit Eliit live

High NRG from Vaiko Eplik and Eliit

Thumpin' out a remix of an Estonian version of the Delltones 'Hangin' Five', with Arno Muska helping out on visuals

The cabin luggage -compatible rig



wingholding patternjah jah

Live at the Sinilind, Tallinn



Looking towards Latvia

Looking across to Latvia from mum's old backyard, contemplating the next tour


>>> Tribute to our fallen diggers from the local area. In partnership with the City of Canada Bay and Sydney Water, developed an artwork installed on the infrastructure kiosk in McIlwaine Park, Rhodes, adjacent to Concord Road and the park's public toilets and picnic tables.

The artwork references local soldiers and their family stories from the More Than Just A Name project, featured as part of the commemorations of the Centenary of ANZAC.


>>> Mural for the new Berala Community Centre. For Auburn City Council and working with portrait photography of the local community by Damian Shaw, designed interior wall mural consisting of 150 headshots and random quotes.

Cell distribution determined using random number generation in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

JUNE 2015

>>> ESTO-MUUSIKA Expatriate Estonian Records 1958-1988. Having amassed a sizeable collection of expatriate vinyl and becoming increasingly aware of the fact that this aspect of Estonian culture is seriously underrepresented in the Estonian musical landscape, pop sensation Vaiko Eplik has released - on his Mortimer Snerd label - an anthology of recordings in exile spanning 3 decades.

The release includes material by a variety of independent expat artists from Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Argentina and Australia.

My work is represented on the 1980-1988 disc and consists of the 1980 debut single Tulyak, 3 tracks from 1985's Old Estonian Waltzes - including a version of the Deltones surfing classic Hangin' Five - and 3 tracks from 1988's electro / vocal choir Kiri-uu's self-titled debut LP.

The talented academic, broadcaster and musician Maarja Merivoo-Parro has researched, compiled and written an insightful and detailed account of this creative phenomenon, forming an informative and attractive package - designed by Marti Laurimaa - that seeks to redress this particular cultural blind spot.

You can buy the CD here: Lasering

Listen to Maarja's Space Beach band at: soundcloud.com/space-beach

Esto-Muusika CD

My portrait of Ingrid Slamer (at Stamsund, Lofoten Islands, Norway - acrylic on canvas, 1984), whose amazing husky alto voice can be heard gracing the Old Estonian Waltzes LP.

Ingrid Slamer

MAY 2015

>>> WONDERWALK, the mural and stairway artwork at Lewis Avenue Rhodes, is now up. Check it out next time you're at Ikea.

Roll over a thumbnail

Olev and OEW LP

foto : Aron Urb

APRIL 2015

>>> Live from Viljandi, Estonia. Held on April 18-19, the festival "embodied modern technology, leaving that which has gotten in the way of time far behind in favour of effects, beats, bass and sonic journeys into the distant future".

As producer of Estonia's first electronic folk music album 'Old Estonian Waltzes' - released in 1985 - I gave an audio-visual account of the LP's inception, background and presented a selection of recent re-mixes.

"Estonia's first Electronic masterpiece!"
Pop-composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Vaiko Eplik

> > > I'm watching the 'Postimees' direct telecast online from Viljandi, from the Electronic Folk Music Festival, of Olev Muska's presentation and the connection intersects in the most positive of ways. I hope that this will become on-demand viewing and should be shown, first thing, to all students at the commencement of studies on September 1. < < <

> > > A techno re-mix of Collage's Kadriko, drum'n'bass version of the Saaremaa Waltz - a piss-take on expatriate Estonian solemnity - and then, as he's listening to folk song, grand daddy discovers with the little toe on his left foot, reggaeton; with the little toe on his right foot, post-rock; and quite casually combines these into one. < < <

Berk Vaher / Social Commentator / 18 April 2015

Following my presentation, I took care of the event's VJing duties after the scheduled VJ called in ill. The fast and furious multi-instrumentalist and artist Pastacas (Ramo Teder) takes a moment to loop his voice while Luis Peixoto from Portugal gives his traditional instruments the techno transformation.

fotos : Aron Urb

VJing at Viljandi Pärnu Postimees

Performed a quick set at the Kultuuriklubi Kelm, Tallinn.

Kultuuriklubi Kelm

The walls were covered in patterned wallpaper, so we chucked the video onto the ceiling.

APRIL 2015

>>> Old Estonian Waltzes from Australia.

Kükitamistants / the Squatting Dance:


With an LP I released 30 years ago - Old Estonian Waltzes - gaining renewed interest among the next generation of Estonian music enthusiasts, I've been invited to perform / speak at Estonia's inaugural Electronic Folk Music Festival - Elektroonilise Pärimusmuusika Festival - on April 18 at the Estonian Traditional Music Centre in Viljandi, the home of one of the biggest music festivals in the Baltics, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

Other artists featured on the bill include Sven Grünberg, Maarja Nuut, Pastacas, Epifolium, Trad.Attack! and meisterjaan.

See you there!


" Elektroonilise Pärimusmuusika Festival tahabki koondada selle uue esilekerkinud žanri väljapaistvamad esindajad Viljandi pärimusmuusika aita et ühepäevase festivali raames pakkuda teemakohaseid loengud/seminare ning mõistagi palju muusikat – ambientsetest helirännakutest kuni biidise-bassise tantsumuusikani välja."

Electronic Folk Music Festival

18 April 2015 17:00
Traditional Music Centre Viljandi
Festival pass: 15 € / 10 € (until 15 march)


Neighbourhood Stories

The State Library of NSW, in its committment to preserving selected websites of lasting cultural value for long-term access by the Australian community, has included the NEIGHBOURHOOD STORIES website in the National PANDORA Archive (a joint venture between the National Library of Australia and the State Libraries).


>>> WONDERWALK is a public artwork being developed in collaboration with Angela Pasqua for the Lewis Avenue steps at Rhodes, City of Canada Bay, Sydney. It will feature imagery derived from stories relating to journey.

Go to the website for more info:


Lewis Ave consultations mural idea


DL invitation

>>> ARTWAYS end-of-project exhibition / event at MDS' new Jacaranda venue. Guests joined in for canapés and drinks in celebrating the achievements of our local young people through this great little 2-year multimedia project and were amazed at the wealth of hidden talent on display.

Geri live:


The participating artistes:

participants LHSparticipants RHS


A CD souvenir of sound and music making during the Artways project:

Artways CD

A selection of teacks from the CD:

TRACK 3 : Explorations
Boady played bass and drums ... and taught me how to play a straight 2/4 beat on real live drums!

TRACK 4 : Local Rap (excerpt)
Various local dudes rapping. Rapping workshops conducted by Musicians For Making A Difference (MMAD).

TRACK 6 : Forbidden Love
An original tune by Skye, put through the production mill.

Boady and Skye

Boady and Skye


>>> ClassMovies for Miller Public School. In response to the ClassMovies documentary making initiative and with an emphasis on early action for success in teaching numeracy and literacy, I filmed, photographed and post-produced the kids / staff / facilities at Miller Public School in their element.

CLIP SOUNDTRACK : Think About That Question

numeracy clip


>>> Design and artwork for a set of suburban street banners

generic banners


Pull the Focus clip

>>> NOVA EMPLOYMENT film comp - ARTWAYS entry

Voting has started for the 2014 FOCUS ON ABILITY film competition.

Be sure to spread the word across your connections, pages, social media outlets and help create the buzz. Remember there are some amazing prizes for the 'most online votes' so make sure everyone votes for our film.

Whilst you're there, enjoy the work of fellow contestants - you can literally spend days watching these inspiring, funny, heartbreaking, heart warming films / docos. And give some comment love.

Here's our entry 'Pull the Focus' for ARTWAYS / YOUTH OFF THE STREETS:

Now hurry up and cast a vote:


JULY 2014

Healthy Living in Liverpool Cook Book

>>> HEALTHY LIVING. Part of a federally funded Healthy Communities Initiative for Liverpool City Council, provided design, artwork and image enhancement for the HEALTHY LIVING IN LIVERPOOL COOK BOOK.

"Healthy living is about more than just good food and exercise. It's a lifestyle choice. In this book, we celebrate the joy of taste, smell, colour, texture, nutrition and the way in which these elements are creatively woven into the fabric of our social and cultural lives to produce magical moments of well-being."

View the online iMag here:


JUNE 2014

>>> ARTWAYS @ KOCH. MACARTHUR DISABILITY SERVICES and KOCH CENTRE / YOUTH OFF THE STREETS are collaborating for the Artways project on an 8-week short film project 'Focus on Ability'. Here we are at the Koch Centre recording studios, bangin' away with the soundtrack component ...

Koch studios

Here's a snippet from sampling ourselves:

... and Koch's Sari singing:

MAY 2014
PATTERNS - CULTURAL AND NATURAL (Auburn City Council) and PIAZZA EOLIE (City of Canada Bay Council) finalists in the Local Government Arts and Culture Awards 2014.

Auburn stairs

Auburn Town Square
is suddenly awash with colour, its Central Stairs bedaubed in a brand new giant tapestry of patterns that reflect the Auburn community. More ...


Connected with FATHER RILEY'S KOCH CENTRE / YOUTH OFF THE STREETS for the Artways project to run some music and recording classes during Term I.

Sustainable Cities logo

JULY 2013
'Our Local Heritage' project, including the North Strathfield Shopping Village heritage preservation and precinct renewal, wins the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW / Sydney Water / Office of Environment Heritage and Heritage Council of NSW Heritage Award. Congratulations to the City of Canada Bay Council and all those involved! More ...

Artways logo

MARCH 2013
COMMENCED ROLE OF FACILITATOR for the NSW Government Department of Education and Communities Office of Communities two year funded ($100,000) Youth Opportunities program at Macarthur Disability Services. Entitled Artways, the Youth Development and Mentoring Program is intended to enable young people to participate and lead in community development activities. More ...

Hon Michael Kirby and Olev Muska

MARCH 2013
To coincide with the LAUNCH OF THE NORTH STRATHFIELD NEIGHBOURHOOD STORIES PROJECT, the once local resident, former High Court judge the Hon Michael Kirby, launches his latest book at Concord Library and is surprised to hear a recording of him singing his old school song to a brass accompaniment. More ...

Neighbourhood Stories

2012 / 2013
Local stories, and the community experiences, aspirations and values evident within them have been used to inform the development of the cultural elements within the physical PRECINCT RENEWAL PROJECT of North Strathfield Shopping Village. More ...

mobile multimedia lab

The City of Canada Bay Council Library Services has established a MOBILE MULTIMEDIA LAB. More ...Multimedia lab

Street banner designs for a City of Canada Bay cultural project at Five Dock, CELEBRATING AEOLIAN MIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA. More ...

Aeolian volcano

MULTIMEDIA / INDIGENOUS ARTIST IN SCHOOLS PROJECT at Leppington Public School with artist in residence Uncle Steve Williams. More ...

Uncle Steve

RECLAMATION: Twilight Exhibition and Event at Cabarita Park - a late afternoon of wonderment and fun hosted by the City of Canada Bay. More ...


>>> PATTERNS - CULTURAL AND NATURAL. In a collaboration with artist Angela Pasqua, hundreds of artwork contributions from local artists and the community, created during public consultations, were adapted, integrated and output onto Alupanel strips and attached to the stair risers.

Funded by Auburn City Council and sponsored by Auburn Central Shopping Centre and Tong Li Supermarket, the project was part of a Town Centre revitalisation initiative aimed at contributing to placemaking and improving the public domain.

Meet you at the steps!

Auburn Central Stairs

Angela and Olev with Auburn Council's Arts Coordinator, Jenny Cheeseman

Auburn patterns

Auburn community consultations

Angela and Olev

>>> ARTWAYS. During 2013 and 2014, Macarthur Disability Services is hosting a regular schedule of workshops to enable participants of all persuasions to explore and upskill in a range of creative and team endeavours.

With four iMacs, two PowerBooks, a roomful of PCs and cameras, audio recorders and lights, the lucky participants are more than equipped to blast their way out of any writer's block!

If you're interested in coming along and taking part, contact MDS: www.mdservices.com.au

MDS Artways

>>> To coincide with the LAUNCH OF THE NORTH STRATHFIELD NEIGHBOURHOOD STORIES on March 20 at Concord Library, the once local resident Hon Michael Kirby launched his latest book, A Private Life - Fragments, Memories, Friends.

Reflecting upon those early days in his upbringing, the Hon Mr Kirby waxed lyrical about the merits of public schooling and his pride in the original school song. Imagine, then, his surprise at hearing back his own voice - recorded during the oral history interview for the project I conducted, earlier - superimposed upon a brass and percussion arrangement!

When Michael broke out in song during that interview, I couldn't help imagining this fine baritone voice leading an austere and courageous charge in the name of public schools everywhere and so, very promptly, I set out with an equal sense of purpose to pen and record the accompaniment which premiered at the launch.

Michael was later seen to be negotiating with the school principal to have the original song resurrected.

MICHAEL KIRBY "I'm very proud of my education and of my teachers and of the values I received at my school, starting with Strathfield North Infants School and Miss Pontifex, my very first teacher, who marched us up those concrete steps - which are still there - up to the top level in a lovely well-lit room where I learned the alphabet and to sing. I've still got quite a good voice!"

OLEV "Would you care to sing for us? ... "

Kirby Launch

Sustainable Cities logo

>>> North Strathfield Shopping Village is a perfect example that highlights the benefit of taking a holistic approach to the dual process of heritage preservation and precinct renewal. It has involved working with local businesses, community, artists, oral historians, heritage organisations and council officers, taking an interdisciplinary approach throughout its development.

Check out the Neighbourhood Stories oral histories website: www.neighbourhoodstories.net

North Strathfield

North Strathfield banners

>>> Today's Library is much more than simply a repository for books or a safe haven for bookworms. Now that we are immersed in a highly audio-visual and mobile culture, its important to consider and learn about other communicative literacies; to reach beyond cliche and understand how, in this new era, the elements that produce effective expression and communication work.

The capacity and ubiquity of today's technology means that we can all be exposed to and explore new and exciting creative possibilities. As part of this evolution towards a more dynamic facility, I'm currently helping the City of Canada Bay Library Services to tailor some fun digital arts resources that can be made readily available to the wider community.

Olev and Tara at the Libraries Conference

Presenting with City of Canada Bay Library Services Youth Services Specialist, Tara Klein, at the Libraries Conference 'Switch' at Sydney's Technology Park

Canada Bay Studio Scematic

Canada Bay Portable Multimedia Studio

>>> ISOLE EOLIE - imagery from the Aeolian Islands of Italy

street banners

Aeolian banners


>>> In what turned into a remarkably industrious project that produced way too much fantastic art for Leppington Public School alone to archive, Aboriginal artist in residence, Uncle Steve Williams, created a mural for the school reflecting the local area and Aboriginal cultural perspectives. At the same time, junior primary school students created their own drawings and paintings based on motifs from Steve’s work. Older students then used both Steve’s and the junior students’ work as the raw material for digital / multimedia work of their own.

The project was funded by the NSW Government, Trade and Investment Arts NSW and Education and Communities departments; and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts.

  • Principal: Bronwyn York
  • Teacher: Jason Geer
  • Aboriginal artist in residence: Uncle Steve Williams
  • Multimedia producer: Olev Muska

Aboriginal class

Leppington art

Leppington tech

Leppington VJ

Leppington jam

>>> RECLAMATION - THE LOST ART OF CABARITA PARK exhibition and event. In an attempt to redress the gap within the cultural storylines of the Parramatta River, on Saturday October 27, celebrating art and foreshore, a twilight exhibition / event was held by Canada Bay Council in Cabarita Park, Sydney, to wrap up a creative research project with an environmental focus, led by four leading local artists.

As Creative Producer for stage 2 - implementation of research and event staging - and for an event that was the first of its kind in the park, I had the opportunity to oversee the production and presentation of three wonderfully contrasting works:

  • THE OBSERVATORY - a whimsical purpose-built weather station (as part of an eventual 3-piece ensemble of public art) by Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline of theLot
  • WORDS THAT NOURISH - an ephemeral installation of various local participants' messages in jars, hanging from a grand old Cabarita Park fig tree, by Popperbox collective
  • BY THE WATER - a composition for voice and sound elements, specially created by Katia Beaugeais and sung by new music ensemble Halcyon

Check out the Reclamation website: www.reclamation.net.au